Help your children with their homework

Help your children with their homework

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More than once we have asked ourselves how far do we have to help our children with their homework; how to find a balance between the necessary support at home and an excessive worry that can promote the laziness of our little ones when facing their tasks.

1. First of all, we should always be interested in how our children are doing at school. Ask them daily if they are having a good time, what they have learned today ... Taking a look at their agenda, their notebooks or books should not be an 'extra' thing; On the contrary, it is our obligation as parents to contribute to the training of our children, motivate them in learning and detect possible study problems or relationships with their classmates, before they become a snowball.

2. In children up to six or seven years old, all the support we give them will be well received and useful for them. Having the help of their parents in school homework is part of the love and attention that any young child needs. Homework time shouldn't be a lonely time. From the age of seven and depending on their maturity, they will have to be allowed (and required) to organize their homework, put their duties on their own, and complete them without us being on top of them. We must let them know that we are at their disposal, that they must ask us what they do not understand; but they have to get alone with what they know how to do, and enjoy the work done with dedication.

3. Whenever possible, take time to review what they have done, monitoring errors and dedicating the necessary time to cover any gaps or doubts that have not been resolved in class. We can teach you something too! The fact that a teacher does not know or cannot convey some knowledge to them in an understandable way, at a given moment, should not be a frustration for them that blocks their desire to learn.

4. We would not have to figure out what they know and should do for themselvesHow to read the statements of their problems or exercises and explain them to them without first making the effort to understand them; correct their mistakes without clarifying what they have been; or give them ideas for essays or papers before they try their own. In short, we must spend time with our children; you have to be by their side; You have to be supportive of the teachers' work at school. But always encouraging their initiative, and trying to convey to them that learning is something as necessary as it is great.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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