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Sun blinds

Sun blinds

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They look beautiful. You can choose your favorite fairy-tale character, choose the color and decide whether the blinds will have a universal pattern or be adapted to the needs of a boy or girl. Unfortunately, this ends the list of their advantages ... Everything would be good if the purchase and installation of blinds fulfills its function. Unfortunately. Not only that in the case of a few years old blinds are an interesting toy (the child can easily unhook the roller blind and roll it up), the blind does not protect against the sun (thin material does not pass the exam). It gives only slight darkening, which on a sunny day is virtually unnoticeable. The small size of the blind is another glaring disadvantage. The window is not covered enough, the rays penetrate and strike the small child. An ordinary flannel diaper protects against the sun better than this casing (of course, the diaper does not look aesthetically pleasing and covers everything outside the window, but this method is much cheaper, and there always remains a second window through which the child can look).

Over time, the suction cups in the roller blind detach and are difficult to install. They cannot be completely attached to a greasy and dirty surface.

The downside is also the very choice of material that can be easily damaged. It is enough for a child to catch something and a hole is created. The blinds' sides are not finished - another oversight - which looks quite unsightly. Sometimes, uneven material also prevents the blinds from rolling evenly.

Price is also scared off. About 100-150 zlotys for a set for mounting from two sides is quite a lot.

The only plus is an interesting design that draws the baby's attention and takes a few moments while driving.


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