The most popular names in Uruguay for boys

The most popular names in Uruguay for boys

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Classic names, traditional names, rare names, modern or exotic. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a baby's name and preferences vary according to families and geographical area. But in any case, parents try to put a name that highlights the personality of your child.

In Uruguay we find a list of frequent names without surprises where the first positions are occupied by traditional names that are very familiar to us. With a clear preference for compound names, Uruguayan children have elegant names with personality.

1. Michelangelo. The Hebrew origin of Miguel meets the Greek origin of Angel in this compound name for boy that is one of the most popular in the world. Remembering the great genius of the Renaissance, the name may be perfect for your child.

2. Julius Caesar. This name has such a patent Latin origin that it is capable of transferring us directly to ancient Rome. In this case, the height of the character has perpetuated this name, which remains unchanged as one of the most popular.

3. Luis Alberto. It is a name of Germanic origin with unusual strength. The simplicity of Luis joins the distinction of Alberto giving rise to a traditional compound name but with a special and original touch. This name brings personality to any child, that's why we find it in the list of frequent names.

4. Juan Carlos. The Hebrew origin of Juan joins the Germanic origin of Carlos in a name made up of two of the most popular and well-known names in the world. Despite its use, neither Juan nor Carlos have lost that touch of freshness and originality.

5. José Luis. An origin Hebrew, that of José, plus a Germanic origin, that of Luis, results in one of the most frequent names in the entire Hispanic world. It is a strong name with personality that inspires great confidence because of its familiarity.

6. Sebastian. It is a name of Greek origin known throughout the world. Its forcefulness is such that it does not need a compound name to transfer strength and charisma to the child who wears it. Therefore, time has not been able to wear down this name that we love.

7. Carlos Alberto. This compound name is of origin Germanic and it presents a very popular combination in the Hispanic world. Both Carlos and Alberto appear in other combinations of frequent names, and they are both of the names preferred by Uruguayan families.

8. Nicolas. It is a name of Greek origin with a meaning that speaks of victory and of success. It is a very beloved name for its Christmas connotations and that also provides an original and different touch. And is that despite its long tradition, the name has become common in recent decades.

9. Fernando. This name has a Germanic origin and evokes nobility both for the historical figures who have carried it and for its meaning of 'brave'or' daring '. It is one of the favorite names in Uruguay for that strength and personality that it carries.

10. Santiago. The Hebrew origin of this name brings us closer to other variants of Santiago such as Thiago, Diego or Yago, all of them names for charismatic children with great strength. The name Santiago has been transmitted thanks to the biblical tradition and has managed to stay away from fashions and trends.

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