NoseFrida nasal aspirator

NoseFrida nasal aspirator

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Cleaning a nose stuffed with a runny nose or other impurities is not a simple matter, especially if the baby is unable to blow his nose by himself. It usually ends with the parent having to clean the baby's nose by choosing a traditional pear or aspirator. I lacked the courage to use a pear, somehow I was afraid that I might put the tip too deep into my son's nose, causing damage. I chose the NoseFrid aspirator.

The aspirator was placed in a plastic, blue box to protect against dirt and, above all, not to lose the other elements. The aspirator consists of a thicker tube (pen-like) ended with a small hole, a thinner tube that connects the thicker one with the mouthpiece and a filter (4 spare are included).

Using the aspirator is very simple, just put the smaller tip of the thicker tube on the baby's nose and suck air through the mouthpiece. If the runny nose is thick, the manufacturer recommends that you additionally thin the secretion with special drops or a nasal spray.

In practice, the use of the device is indeed very simple, but only with patient little one, most children are simply afraid of a strange tube device. Therefore, you need to tame the toddler gradually with an aspirator.

I like the most in the aspirator safe use, the tip that attaches to the nose is admittedly hard, but oval in shape, so there is no possibility of cutting the child when it is drilled, it is also thick enough that it cannot be pushed too deeply into the nose.

Today, when my son practically no longer needs my help in cleansing his nose, I know that the aspirator has often saved us from oppression and I could not do without him. However, it also has a few, though not very significant, but still - disadvantages.

The price of about PLN 30 for a piece of tube is probably greatly exaggerated compared to the price of a traditional pear: about PLN 7 is quite expensive. The aspirator, despite its simple appearance, is hard to clean, especially the thinner tube, a spare mouthpiece could also be used.

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