5 tricks to get a flat stomach after childbirth

5 tricks to get a flat stomach after childbirth

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After a pregnancy, the part of the body that is most affected is the abdomen area. Due to the distention produced by the growth of the baby, it is normal for the belly to be bulky and cost more to return to its previous shape.

Although it is necessary to carry out a healthy and balanced diet, and exercise regularly, there are tricks to accompany the new life after being a mother, and incidentally return to the same size. In We found a way to carry out five fundamental tricks to regain a flat abdomen after giving birth.

1. Fight fluid retention by drinking more. One of the fundamental problems of pregnancy is the dreaded fluid retention, which causes a greater weight gain, and which can concentrate in addition to the belly, in thelegs or waist. In order to have a flat stomach again after having been a mother, it is necessary to combat it precisely with what a priori may seem incongruous:with more liquid. Drinking water positively combats the retention that occurs in the body, achieving that the abdomen does not swell and regain your prepartum shape by activating circulation

2. Reducing belts. It is not recommended to use them right after giving birth, since gynecologists recommend allowing several weeks for the abdominal muscles to regain their place naturally. However, it is true that it is a trick beyond conventional exercise or a healthy diet that must be carried out after pregnancy. Wear reducing belts for a few minutes a day causes compression to restore firmness to the abdomen.

3. Activate the abdomen with breathing. In disciplines like yoga or Pilates, one of the most important peculiarities is learning to breathe, activating the belly and pelvic floor for greater resistance. This exercise of tuck in the belly It does not have to be done only on a mat to learn to breathe, but it can be perfectly a habit that can be carried out in daily life, to walk stiffening the belly or to sit down enhancing the belly, which helps the abs to get used to the firmer shape and the area to shrink.

4. To run. Really, to lose weight and have a perfect belly after pregnancy, the habit of running is the most recommended. It is proven that it is the exercise that burns more fat in less time, and also achieves enhance the abdomen, hardening it as you exercise more. Just twenty minutes a day are enough so that, in a few weeks, we can see how the belly returns to its usual state and incidentally be firmer.

5. Hipopressive abs: Within the range of possibilities of postpartum exercise, hypopressive abdominals are gaining strength. They are perfect for after pregnancy because they do not damage the pelvic floor and allow the figure to return to that of before delivery. With this type of abdominal a considerable abdominal reduction is achieved, since they are exercises specially designed for recent moms. Learning to breathe by releasing the air from the lungs without allowing it to come in completely, helps the abdomen to harden, and the abdominal exercise can be done in different postures, either standing or lying on the back.

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