Why children should not be overprotected

Why children should not be overprotected

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Sometimes we protect children so much that it produces laughter. For us, the world is a source of risks and we try to prevent our son from suffering at all costs. So we put a helmet on them, knee pads, and we even covered them with bubble wrap. Inside and outside. We don't see it. But there they are. We do not let them leave without our close surveillance. We don't let them climb the slide. We keep them away from children who insult at all costs. We plug their ears. We cover their eyes. But then ... how are they going to live?

A child receives a gift. He opens it excited. But the gift is a protective suit, made from inner tubes. The child does not hit himself. But he cannot play. Not even running. In the end he is relegated and alone. It's a great metaphor for what happens to overprotected children. The video is fromSt John Ambulance, a company that teaches first aid courses for parents, convinced that the best way to educate your children is by letting them be children. For that, it is essential to be prepared, physically and mentally, to be able to attend to them in their physical and emotional falls.

Of course, the opposite pole is so dangerous, that of parents who never watch over their children and completely disregard them.The right mean is virtue and that is none other than common sense.

I once saw a mother carrying her one-year-old son in an elastic harness. Missed me. It was a somewhat comical image. It looked like a little dog on a leash. His mother told me it was only to prevent him from falling, because he was learning to walk. But I thought ... what if he doesn't fall, how will he learn to walk? Of course, I come from another era.

In my century, not so long ago, we children learned through falls, scars and bumps. We knew each other very well on the way to the home medicine cabinet. A little hydrogen peroxide and mercromine and that's it. Not a tear. Wounds were part of the game.

We children really liked exploring the unknown, and feeling free wings to discover mysteries. Because at a certain age, the world is a box of secrets. We uncovered them by opening our eyes very wide and daring everything. We climbed a tree in fear, but we climbed. We would jump down steep slopes with the skateboard. We reached challenges. We were overcoming problems. And all that generated a tangle of courage, illusion, creativity, autonomy.

Now we pad all the corners of the house. We forbid them to play with the sand in case they get stained. We give them every whim to avoid frustration. We are more permissive. It is much more difficult for us to set limits, to say No. We give them what they want but we do not let them fly free, because they can hurt themselves. It is as if we had a little bird at home locked in a cage. And what happens when one day you decide that it is time for the bird to leave its cage? That he no longer wants to get out of it, because it is the only thing he knows. Because he is afraid of flying. Because it never flew.

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