How to prepare a child for kindergarten?

How to prepare a child for kindergarten?

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To ensure that the first days and months in kindergarten are not a trauma for a child, you need to take care a few months before your toddler's debut in kindergarten. Basic preparations are not complicated or time-consuming enough to cause a big problem, and they are worth undertaking, because the benefits can be quite significant.

Instead of saying "somehow it will be", it is worth preparing for your preschool debut.

Third Party Care

It is worth ensuring that the toddler gradually gets used to being in a new environment under the care of third parties, not necessarily well-known, like grandmother or beloved aunt, but seen less often:

  • you can try to leave the toddler for a moment in the care of a friend or a family member during a walk together,
  • try the so-called "storage" in large shopping malls, leaving the toddler there for several minutes,
  • allow the child to play independently in the next room, without parents, also in a group of other friends of the children,

The idea is to teach the child to be next to parents without eye contact. The child must understand that this situation does not pose a threat to him.


A child who has been only at home so far, in the apartments of close relatives, on the playground, may have a problem with understanding that the world is much more complex.

Therefore, although taking a few years old to many places can be troublesome, it is worth ensuring that the child can find himself in various situations: during a short exit to the office, library, store, post office, bank, etc.

In addition, it is also worth taking a child in kindergarten area, explain what this place is and why it was created.

The child needs time to get used to new situations and people. Such family trips will make it easier for him.


Parents before the debut in kindergarten should provide children with how most contacts with peers, preferably in such a way that the children participate in them with the same rights.

A good place is playground, sandpit, preferably full of children, not the backyard, in which the toddler has everything at his disposal. The idea is for children to shape their prosocial abilities, including tolerance. Of course, the point is not to require two or three-year-olds to play with other children, but rather to be able to play next to them without treating the other child as an enemy.

There is another advantage: being on the playground often lets you meet childrenwith which the toddler will go to kindergarten.

Supporting independence

Unfortunately, learning how to make children independent is not easy ... especially for parents who find it harder, mainly due to lack of time, to allow their children to dress, wash and eat on their own. It's easier to do all these activities for a toddler.

However, such thinking takes revenge quickly, because in kindergarten children are required to be very independent, and somewhere the child must learn it ... Much better if he acquires basic skills in favorable conditions, not under stress and left to himself, when there is simply no other exit, because he has to do something somehow.


It is worth talking about the kindergarten with the toddler, but you must not make mistakes in this respect so as not to discourage your child from debuting in a new place.

First we don't scare a toddler. We tell the truth that the child will stay in kindergarten without parents. We also do not present the facility in too pink colors, because a toddler may lose confidence in us when reality turns out to be much worse than it was presented to him.

In the topic of everyday conversations and communication with the child, something else is important not to make it easier for the child too much life by guessing all his needs, giving him everything before asking for it.

A toddler should be motivated to do so practice your communication skills and make non-verbal communication an accessory, not the only way to communicate your needs. In addition, instead of adapting their speech to their children, parents should do everything to make the child speak like everyone else. It must be understood by the environment, especially people who do not know the child.


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