"What to do when children are bored"

"What to do when children are bored"

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"What to do when children are bored" is a guide for parents and guardians of children from the age of four until the end of primary school. You can also find some advice here when your children are a little older and are entering adolescence.

The guide contains over one hundred ideas from various fields: from art to theater; from sport to themed games. They are easy to implement. They are not expensive, but require commitment. This is an invitation to jointly create a "bank of ideas" to draw on it in case of boredom. Thanks to this book, maybe also parents and guardians will discover new passions.

Ewa Rozkrut - a pedagogue from Szczecin, mother of six children, editor of Mateusz.pl, author of guides on upbringing, marathon runner.

The book will be published by the Warsaw Publishing Company

Sosrodzice.pl took patronage over the book.