Buy cheaper products for children

Buy cheaper products for children

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Do you want to be sure that you spend exactly what you need on children's products? Get familiar with our current list of promotions for children's items and shop at the lowest prices!


  • Enfamil milk in Tesco instead of 52.99 for 45.99 PLN.
  • 4 pieces of Bobovita children's desserts in Carrefour for PLN 2.24 per piece
  • Gerber juice for children 300 ml in Carrefour for PLN 3.49 per bottle. In Real we get the same juice for PLN 3.79.
  • BoboVita 180g desserts for children in Real for PLN 4.49 per jar.
  • Gerber DoReMI children's dishes in Real are available for PLN 5.79.
  • Nestle milk-rice porridge in Real for PLN 6.99.


  • Baby diapers in Kaufland for PLN 11.99 instead of PLN 15.99.
  • Helen Harper diapers in Carrefour for PLN 21.99.
  • Bambi baby shampoo in Kaufland two types for PLN 3.49 instead of PLN 5.19.
  • Tesco Jelp laundry products 20% cheaper.

Toys and accessories

  • mug of the princess in Kaufland for PLN 6.99
  • stroller for dolls in Kaufland for PLN 22.99
  • garden tent for children in Kaufland at PLN 49.99. Other tent models in Net also for PLN 49.99.
  • blocks for boys and girls in Kaufland for PLN 26.99.
  • car seat in Net for PLN 199 (from 0 to 18 kg)
  • travel bed on wheels in Net for 139 PLN
  • protective back seat mat in a car with Disney characters in Net price PLN 16.99
  • net curtains at PLN 12.99,
  • a bike with a handle in Auchan for 64.89 PLN
  • Leggings, shorts or license T-shirts in Real for PLN 15.
  • inflatable toys in Biedronka at PLN 16.99.

Promotion time

Kaufland 20-26.06.2013
Net from 17-23.06.2013
Carrefour 19-24.06.2013
Auchan 19.06-2.07.2013
Real 20.06.-25.06.2013
Tesco 20.06-26.06.2013
Polo Market 19-25.06.2013
Biedronka from 17/06/2013