Long shoulder blade with IML Wader

Long shoulder blade with IML Wader

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On the beach, where most kids feel like they are in paradise, digging up to the wet sand can be a problem. Therefore, the Wader paddle by the sea can work perfectly.

It is far too big for a small backyard sandpit. It is 65 cm long, has a strong metal shaft and is available in several colors (used on stems and handles).

We received an orange blade from the producer Wader (photos below). The first capture of the toy, which gives the impression of solid and strong, brings surprise. The paddle is light and easy to maneuver.

How does it work in practice? Thanks to this product, building huge sand castles, fortresses and wonderful animals on the beach is not a problem. In addition, during the low season, the shovel can work when clearing snow.

We recommend a shovel for children over two or three years old. The manufacturer indicates that the minimum age from which the product can be used is the finished year of the child. However, the shoulder is too big for an average twelve-month-old child to fully play with.

When it comes to appearance, it's a matter of taste. The choice of colors is rather appropriate, their intensity as well. Worse with "Sticker" in the basic part of the productwhich, made with an innovative technique, is a permanent decoration (it cannot be removed). However, you may not like it: especially quite large company logo. If the producer decided to reduce it, in our opinion, the whole product would benefit.

Price: around PLN 12.

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