The skin of the water. Curious experiment to do with children

The skin of the water. Curious experiment to do with children

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Water is an element that holds many mysteries. One of them is that its molecules form a skin capable of joining and making several wooden sticks float. Therefore, from we want to show you all the curiosities of this wonderful liquid with a series of experiments with water.

With this experiment for children you will be able to check the effects of water on the skin and how a simple drop of soap is capable of eliminating it in tenths of a second.

  • 1 glass fountain
  • Chopsticks
  • Soap
  • Water

Tip: Add a small drop of soap, this way you can see the experiment more clearly.

1. Take a glass fountain and fill it with water.

2. Place several toothpicks forming a kind of star in the center of the fountain.

3. With another toothpick, take a drop of soap and pour it into the center of the container. You will see how the chopsticks separate and begin to float freely.

On the surface, the water molecules stick together more tightly to form a skin. The chopsticks grip this skin, so we can easily order them. When you add the drop of soap, the skin of the water melts and the toothpicks float freely.

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