Sand set for the girl Wader

Sand set for the girl Wader

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We like to support Polish entrepreneurship, that's why we look at Polish products with sympathy. The manufacturer of toys Wader as the market leader undoubtedly offers high quality plastic products: toys for home, outside, for summer fun and for every other season of the year.

This set is a standard example of sand toys, a proposal created for little girls. It is available in a classic pink color, which may be its advantage for some, and for others a sign of a lack of creativity on the part of the creators (when all products are pink in the wardrobe, for some it just bothers). In addition to this set, the manufacturer provides other: for boys and so-called universal. One could wish that next to the pink sets for girls, there were also red and yellow sets directed to them.

The kit includes two molds, a spatula and a rake, a watering can and a strainer and a square bucket. This set can be taken with you both to the sand and to the beach by the sea, where a watering can is particularly suitable. All its elements are comfortable to maneuver for two-three-year-old children and older.

The toys are medium in size, they cannot be considered as a "pocket" set. There are also sets of molds on the market that we can successfully fit into a bag.

Finally, a few words about durability ... Our set turned out to be indestructible, although our daughter's colleague operated the same spatula (of a different color) that broke on the handle. Plus for IML (In Mold Label) technology, which makes the graphics used are directly embedded in the plastic, thus being indelible.

Price: around PLN 15.

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