How to wax pubic hair in pregnancy

How to wax pubic hair in pregnancy

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The pubic hair removal in pregnancy is a matter that worries many women in pregnancy, either for beauty, hygiene or because they prefer it when giving birth. But really, as the abdomen volume Many times hair removal is not easy to carry out, so it is advisable to know guidelines to carry it out satisfactorily.

1. A mirror to help: As pregnancy progresses, it will be more difficult to see the pubis without bending down completely, and this will become more difficult because there will come a time when the belly will cover everything. Therefore, it is always necessary to have a magnifying mirror in front of us that will be what guides us when it comes to remove hair that bothers us.

2. Blade use: Although it is not highly recommended for the hair to be removed completely, it is true that the use of the blade is the most practical and comfortable when removing hair while we are pregnant. The hair can come out stronger, but after all it does not have any contraindication for pregnancy nor is it bad for the skin, and it is the depilatory resource easier to use and also faster.

3. Squatting pose: If we are going to use a blade, for example, the best posture to perform epilation should be squatting, that is, with the legs bent and straight with your feet in line. The mirror must be just below to be successful in removing hair. If it is difficult for us, we can ask our partner or a friend for help, since the more advanced the pregnancy it may be more difficult.

4. Cold wax:Another way of hair removal can be cold wax. It is fast and effective, and with a few pulls we can achieve that the area remains waxed for longer and that the skin also does not suffer. Yes it is true that it is recommended do not use hot wax because it can damage the vagina or irritate it, since due to hormonal changes the dermis in general is more sensitive.

5. Beauty centers: However, the best solution is to leave us in the hands of professionals in these beauty cases. The pubic hair removal During pregnancy it can give us a lot of discomfort, since the difficulty of not seeing the area clearly can cause ingrown hairs to remain or that it is not completely removed to the taste of the pregnant woman, because the abdomen prevents seeing it.

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