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Return to pre-pregnancy weight

Return to pre-pregnancy weight

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When can you count on a return to your figure and pre-pregnancy condition? At what point will the weight show the value before delivery? What figure can you expect on the day of discharge from the hospital and a few weeks later? How long does it take to put on your favorite jeans? Many young mothers are trying to answer these questions. Below we explain some basic issues.

How many kilos are lost during delivery?

Although delivery causes you to lose unnecessary kilograms faster than any diet known today (on average 6-7 kilograms in one day), this does not mean that the young mother loses exactly everything that she managed to accumulate within nine months.
The silhouette reflected in the mirror after delivery is far from the one known before pregnancy. There is no expectation that on the day of discharge from the hospital, a young mother will be able to put on pre-pregnancy clothing. You will have to wait a bit longer for this ...

Enlarged uterus

Almost the entire body changes during pregnancy. Of course, the most attention is focused around the abdomen.

The uterus contracts and returns to its pre-pregnancy state for six weeks. Therefore, during the puerperium, you can expect a gradual decrease in waist circumference. Breastfeeding helps to regain shape and appearance before pregnancy. In addition, during the puerperium, the fluid accumulated during pregnancy is removed, which may result in fluctuations in blood pressure and excessive sweating.

Unfortunately, not everything will do the same. You can't count on stretched abdominal muscles and skin to disappear in the same way as the uterus. You have to work on it, but you can easily wait with the exercises until the puerperium ends. How to exercise after pregnancy? Read.

Time for convalescence

The puerperium is not the best period for intense exercise. Of course, this does not mean that the young mother is to lie in bed and avoid any physical activity, because that's not the point. Daily walks with the newborn, when the condition allows, it's a lot for a tired and pregnant body.

It definitely belongs avoid using drastic diets. They will not serve either a young mother or a baby. Especially when breastfeeding, you should pay attention to eat, eating systematic meals and choosing good quality food products.

Slimming in the puerperium, when the body is weakened, it can be dangerous even when mom gives the baby a bottle. In conjunction with reduced immunity, it can promote infections, and this, unfortunately, from mom can quickly spread to an infant.

When to start slimming after pregnancy?

Use on the first day after delivery balanced diet, avoid empty calories. If you do not lose extra kilos for 6 weeks of childbirth, slightly reduce the calorie intake of daily meals.

Many mothers note, however, that breastfeeding, they fail to lose weight. If this is the case for you, don't despair, just be patient. For sure, the weight loss process will start after weaning.

Are you feeding a bottle? Pay special attention to the menu. Even small culinary sins can reflect on your appearance. Remember that you need statistically less calories than we are breastfeeding.

When does weight return to before pregnancy?

Some moms take several months, others even two years. There are also those that never return to their pre-pregnancy weight. What will happen in your case? This is unfortunately difficult to predict. A lot depends on how much weight you have gained during pregnancy and how much strength, determination and time you will find to take care of your figure and how important it is for you to get back to your figure from before pregnancy.

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