Benefit Mama Sahara

Benefit Mama Sahara

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Good feeding bra it is an expense that every nursing mother should invest in. If she is afraid to spend a little more than usual, she should realize that this is the only way she can get a product that suits her. The decision to buy a cheap feeding bra, admittedly may be ultimately well assessed, but unfortunately it is much harder in this case to be satisfied.

Benefit Mama Sahara is one of the more universal models. It is available in classic beige (flesh-colored) color with a delicate satin gloss. Stiffened bowl, lack of patterns and laces means that the underwear can be worn with virtually any blouse, dress or shirt. Nothing matters: even thicker breast pads remain invisible. Bra Benefit was created in seamless technology, has underwires and thermally pressed cups. In addition, adjustable straps and a comfortable clasp make feeding your baby easier.

The basic plus is good workmanship. Fortunately, this model is not like "grandma's underwear" or stall knickers. It is aesthetic and is a compromise between convenience and beauty. On the other hand, for people looking for an original bra with an interesting finish, Benefit Mama Sahara may be too trivial. The classic does not always work, so when making a purchase decision, you need to be aware of it.

Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages. Quite a "thick" cup is uncomfortable when placing it under the breasts during feeding. Milk stains easily form on light-gloss material, which is why the bra is not very comfortable to use at the beginning of lactation. It may not look good after one feeding. In addition, the bow between the cups does not look good. The bra also seems to have a slightly low size when it comes to the size under the bust.

Price around 90-100 PLN.

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