Plastic sandbox - flower

Plastic sandbox - flower

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Sandbox flower it perfect solutionwhen we don't have too much space for this type of toy. Its basic dimensions are: diameter 107 cm, height 21cm. It works not only in the yard, but also on the terrace or balcony, it is light, so you can easily move it or store it in the basement for the winter.

It may seem that a small sandpit was created for three children, because it has three small chairs. In practice, however, it is different, although three children will fit in the sandbox, but there will be no more room for fun, so in my opinion two children are the maximum option - and this is probably the only minus of this toy.

The sandbox has been constructed in such a way that it is enough to buy a second one, for a cover to protect the sand against rain or dirt.

The toy is made of quite strong plastic, so it will serve the baby for a long time. The sandbox is intended for children over 18 months , smaller children should play under the watchful eye of their parents for fear of eating sand.
An additional advantage of the sandbox is possibility of using it as a pool. Just pour water instead of sand so that the child can splash in it in hot weather. Set in a room, it can be used as toy container, and filled with colorful balls change into dry pool giving a lot of joy.

The sandbox is available in several colors so that everyone can find something for themselves. The sandbox prices vary from 50 - 80 PLN for one part, but it is a toy for several seasons, so the price does not seem too high.

To sum up: I recommend the sandbox to all those who do not have space for traditional sandboxes, and want to create a substitute for their child, because you do not need a mountain of sand to have a great time.

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