Derma Eco Baby shampoo and liquid soap

Derma Eco Baby shampoo and liquid soap

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Several days ago, Danish cosmetics Derma debuted on the Polish market, which meet stringent Scandinavian quality requirements. As the only cosmetics in the world, they are also Astma-Allergi Danmark, ECOCERT and NORDIC SWAN certified. That is why they are especially recommended for people with sensitive skin, children from birth, pregnant women and nursing mothers. The composition of the products is based on natural ingredientsthat minimize the risk of irritation and allergies.

A product from one of the care lines was delivered to the editor's address: Derma Eco Baby: soap and shampoo in one. Below is a product review. From June, Derma cosmetics are also available in Poland.

First impressions

You may be surprised. Product it has no smell, it has not been enriched even with a delicate fragrance. After application, it has the consistency of delicate milk and light color (no dyes or parabens were used in its production). It is available in a simple ascetic tube, without pictures of babies, small bears, blue or pink labels.


99,5% all ingredients are of natural origin. 23% all ingredients come from organic farming.

Shampoo and liquid soap

I have to admit that I didn't quite like the combination of shampoo and soap (on the website of the online store of shampoo with bubble bath). I would prefer if the producer decided whether the product is a shampoo or soap. In addition, the indication to rinse the cosmetic well does not convince me ("Use a small amount for bath water or for hair. Wash thoroughly with water after use").

When I was bathing a child, I added liquid to the bathtub with water. At the beginning, I washed the head with such a distributed cosmetics, in time I applied shampoo and rinsed with water from the bathtub. Therefore, I perceive the tip about good rinsing of the product from the skin as an additional difficulty (necessity to pour new water into the bathtub?), Which does not facilitate everyday bathing.

How is it used?

In practice, Derma shampoo works well. Gently cleanses, leaves the skin clean and hair soft and refreshed. Unfortunately, it does not guarantee long freshness. Washing the head often needs to be repeated. I rate the performance as average (150 ml). The tube is handy and convenient to use. In addition, the price (around PLN 40) could also be lower.

The product is rated four: