Inflatable frog pool

Inflatable frog pool

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A small pool with a frog's head and a rainbow-shaped roof can be a companion to many children's games.

The pool is small, 114 x 99 x 69 cm, but it is calm enough for one child, and if necessary, two 3-year-olds. The toy floor is being pumped , which makes your toddler feel soft and warm when playing in the water. The colorful frog motif encourages the toddler to spend time in the pool.

An additional advantage is sun protection in the form of a rainbow, so the child is less exposed to sunburn.

The pool has a capacity of approx. 45 liters so just a little water to cool your toddler on a hot day. The pool is a great solution for smaller children (it is shallow and therefore safe), it also works well when you do not have a lot of space, e.g. on a balcony or terrace. The whole is made of fairly strong material, the kit includes a patch in case of failure. Price around 40-60 PLN.

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