Lupil baby clothes from Lidl

Lupil baby clothes from Lidl

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For several years, Lidl has been promoting its products on the Polish market with excellent effects. He tries to convince with frequent marketing efforts to frequent shopping. In addition to food and hygiene products, it also offers clothing, including children's clothes. Is it worth buying clothes for children from Lidl?

A wide range

Depending on the season of the year, we can buy summer, winter or spring and autumn clothes in Lidl. Typical are girls' dresses, blouses, pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, as well as footwear, and for younger children: bodysuits, clowns, as well as hats and overalls for colder days. In addition to everyday suggestions, you can also buy clothes prepared for sports: for example, skiing or cycling.


If you can talk about style by choosing a brand available in the discount chain, then Lidl clothes are similar in many categories. Each season you can get polo shirts that differ slightly. The manufacturer also "specializes" in providing children's pajamas and children's tights, which appear very often on offer.


Lupil's clothes have received the "Trustworthy textiles" certificate, among others Öko-Tex Standard 100 certificate awarded since 1992 products where each component has been tested and found to contain no harmful substances. The mark is awarded by members of the International Association for the Research and Development of Textile Ecology of Öko-Tex (Gemeinschaft für Forschung und Prüfung auf dem Gebiet der Textilökologie) and is one of the most important guarantees of safe use. In most cases, you can't complain about the quality, the clothes work well, they do not lose their properties after washing, they are durable and comfortable to wear, although among the assortment you can also find inferior quality products (e.g. from terry. You can also complain about somehow tights and T-shirts: the offer also offered those that after a few washes significantly lost their appearance: they stretched and became virtually useless (however, these are fortunately exceptions). Jeans and bought for trial: a winter jacket, have proved particularly effective. We also do not complain about t-shirts: especially polo and underwear sets: panties and a T-shirt.

Clothes from Lidl reviews

What opinions do the clothes from Lidl have? German quality is appreciated in Poland. This can be seen quickly by visiting the average store in the morning on the day the promotional offer is available. It turns out that the crowd at the baskets and queues at the ticket offices are simply amazing.

Overall rating:

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