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"What to do when children are bored" competition results

"What to do when children are bored" competition results

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Thank you for a lot of interesting ideas for playing with children of all ages. You showed a lot of creativity and many times surprised you with positive energy, which was not lacking in the competition responses sent by you. We decided to reward the authors of the three answers below.

Fun idea for children aged 2 years

"For a child of 2 years old, I recommend playing, which is also a form of sensory integration. Painting with paints, but of course not so boring, we don't paint with brushes, but with fingers. The paints are mixed with rice, cereal, sand, so that they have different textures. It's great fun! And cleaning after that is even better;) We can also print photos of family members and cut in half. Later, together with the child, we try to match the missing elements. To me, unfortunately, a child fits stubbornly into my grandmother's floral skirt. But it is also extremely interesting fun that helps the child develop his imagination. As we are alone for almost days, so that I could do anything, I also try to encourage her to "help" in her daily duties. It helps to make dough for dumplings (which is also a form of SI), mixes in your pots and pour out food products. Of course, then my mother cleans the kitchen, but the sight of joy from spilled rice is priceless. And the fact that you can do great fun with almost any everyday activity. "/ Monika Czapiewska

A way of boredom for a child aged 5 years

"For a child of 5 years old, I recommend preparing meals together, e.g. funny sandwiches in the form of animals, etc. It's a good way to kill boredom, especially for a child who eats :)" / Zofia Skręt

Fun for children with notes

"For children aged 5-10, I recommend card notes. I prepare drawings on pages, solve puzzles, hand the child the first card with number 1, on which the first puzzle is located, for example. Keeps order, sweeps dust from all angles. The child guesses that it is a broom, then looks for another note next to the broom, there he also finds another note No. 2 and with another puzzle or drawing. On the last piece of paper I write: YOU WIN! And I put a sweet surprise with this note. My children love this fun :) "/ Anna Lesnau