Iwostin Hydratia Physiological eye gel

Iwostin Hydratia Physiological eye gel

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Which young mother or dad didn't have dark circles under his eyes? Is there even one parent who doesn't know what a sleepless night is because of a child's illness, colic, teething? The product from Iwostin is an interesting proposition, especially valuable in the first months of the baby's life.

Product Advantages:

  • hypoallergenic,
  • for eye shadows and bags,
  • based on thermal water from Iwonicz-Zdrój
  • moisturizes: thanks to sodium hyaluronate and a complex of NMF ingredients,
  • ceramides supplement physiological substances in the skin,
  • pure caffeine reduces swelling, brightens dark circles under the eyes,
  • the Eyeliss complex strengthens small blood vessels and normalizes the circulation of subcutaneous fluids,


Iwostin is easy to use. It has a nice consistency, which gives the skin an additional cooling effect. The preparation itself well absorbed. After using the gel, you can quickly apply a face cream or other cosmetic: for example powder or fluid. Due to the fact that Iwostin is odorless, it can be used by mom and dad. Plus for the price: We'll buy 25 ml for just over PLN 20. The product is very efficient!

Effects? Noticeable, but not "stunning" in our case. General impressions as positive as possible.