2nd Edition of the KidZone Quality Label Project!

2nd Edition of the KidZone Quality Label Project!

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The KdZone quality mark has already distinguished dozens of companies from all over Poland - producers, distributors and service providers who direct their offer to children. Project Laureates are companies that have shown that they are guided by the principle of the highest quality in their daily activities.
The full list of Winners can be found at www.kidzone.com.pl/znak-jakosci/. A summary of the current edition will be the ceremonial Final Gala (January 2014) with the participation of Winners, representatives of the children's industry and the media.
The aim of the project is to promote the idea of ​​the highest quality among companies directing their offer to parents and children. Manufacturers, distributors and service providers meeting this criterion can apply for the KidZone Quality Mark certificate - the only certificate on the market recommended by the Office of the Ombudsman for Children.

The KidZone Quality Label effectively promotes the best companies engaged in the production, trade and services dedicated to the youngest. It is a symbol of the highest quality and credibility, as well as:

  • raises prestige in the eyes of competitors
  • increases the trust of Partners and Customers
  • helps in effectively building a positive image of the company and its reputation
  • dynamizes the acquisition of new customers and contractors
  • confirms proper management of the company and high quality of offered goods and services
  • strengthens the company's position on the market
  • as an excellent promotion tool, it helps in the development of the company and promotes the increase of competitiveness

Winners of this prestigious award strengthen their position on the market, becoming more reliable and equated with the highest quality of products and services they offer. The award is positive affects parents' trustwho naturally prefer products and services of independent quality confirmed by an entity. The awarded KidZone Quality Label is also an expression of recognition for the effort put in by the company to adapt products and services to the highest standards. It also aims to select and honor companies that, by constantly raising standards, achieve the highest quality and high level of security for their products and services, and introduce modern child-friendly solutions.

KidZone Quality Mark Certificate is a synonym of the highest quality and a tip for all parents!

Organizer: KidZone- Happy Children Zone.