Multisposition protective spray spf 50+ Iwostin

Multisposition protective spray spf 50+ Iwostin

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Any parent who is serious about protecting their child's skin against solar radiation should consider choosing a cosmetic that has the right sun filters. The Iwostin product has the superiority over the competition that it has in the composition of both organic, mineral and immunological filters Antileukine 6 ® filtr. Thanks to this, according to the manufacturer, the spray protects against radiation UVA and UVB. Thanks in addition vitamin E prevents skin aging, nourishes it, improving its appearance. Product for children over 6 months

What are my impressions?

  • interesting way of application,
  • water and sweat resistant product,
  • the spray works especially for busy children,
  • toddlers usually like spray preparations, especially those that can be quickly massaged into the skin,
  • Iwostin protective spray absorbs quickly,
  • it leaves the skin without an oily layer or changes in its color.
  • It smells nice.
  • Unfortunately, be careful when applying: spray, as spray tends to splatter. As long as it doesn't have to bother on the beach, it can already be at home.
  • can also be used by adults looking for high protection against the sun, the preparation is especially recommended for people with skin discoloration, scars and moles,
  • Unfortunately, the price for 150 ml is quite high: around 50 zlotys.

Iwostin protective spray when applied to the skin

My overall impression: good.