Poems that you can easily teach a preschooler

Poems that you can easily teach a preschooler

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Reading books for preschoolers, it is often noticeable that children readily remember the details and then tell about them, imitating reading. A child at this age has a very good memory, so it's a good time to learn and remember short stories or poems.

Learning a poem together is a great fun idea that builds parent-child relationships. In addition, listening to the rhyme read and then reciting the poem stimulates children's imagination. Sometimes it can be a poem for comfort, encouraging you to do something or just spoken for fun. For starters, the best will be short, easily catchy poems that will encourage your toddler to learn. Here are some poems, still from my childhood, which will easily learn 2-3 years old.

A snake is coming

A snake is walking down a narrow path
does not move any leg.
He would move if he could
but the snake has no legs.

Knife spoon and bib

Knife spoon and bib,
eats baby breakfast.
Bears are sitting on the bib
probably also eat breakfast.

In the room on the table

In the room on the table,
stood milk and egg.
The kitty came and drank the milk,
and he broke the egg with his tail.
Expectant mother killed
and shells were thrown out.


Ola went to the kindergarten,
she forgot the umbrella.
And the umbrella was broken
and all the wires are left


Snail, snail exhibits horns,
I will give you cheese for dumplings,
if not cheese it's cabbage
you will be fat from cabbage

And poems, during which you can not only have great fun, but also teach children, e.g. whole parts:

Wasp years

Summer wasp near the nose.
Fly flies near the ear.
Summer bittern near hands.
Dragonflies fly near the feed.
A bee flies near the forehead.
A fly flies near the belly.
Bow ties fly near the feet.
Ants run near the head.

Centipede is coming

Centipede is coming, and here is the leg
He goes, the boy goes, and here - the finger
He goes, the horse goes, and here - a hand
He goes, the cow goes and here - the head
And finally the blackbird is flying and here - the nose

And your children, what poems do they know?


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