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Trolley bag handle

Trolley bag handle

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Just a short walk at noon to quickly find out what type of purse is the most popular today not only among young mothers. Handbags, thrown over the shoulder and releasing hands reign. This fashion is not only conducive to parents, but simply comfort. This does not mean that using a product like the handle on a trolley bag loses sense. This is a very useful gadget for prams that have a handle in the form of a rim. It lets you hang a shopping bag or even a diaper pack, which will often not fit in a small basket under the trolley.

Two suggestions

There are two basic proposals available on the market Luvion Stroller Hook (price 29 PLN, handle available in one color) and My Buggy Buddy (price: PLN 29, product available in three colors: blue, black and heather).

Basic advantages

  • the product is very practical on short and long walks,
  • simple to install,
  • extremely durable,
  • light (about 110 grams)
  • soft foam finish prevents the bag from sliding along the trolley handle and damaging its surface.

The product will be useful in trolleys that do not have handles for casting a handbag and those that do not have a special handbag holder. Works great when traveling, shopping and on longer walks, when it makes it easier to carry bags, backpacks and nets. However, be careful not to overload the side of the stroller too much, which may cause it to tip over (especially when pulling the toddler out of the center).


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