Sausages for children - give or not give?

Sausages for children - give or not give?

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If you do not avoid the press, television and the Internet, and I think not, if you read this article, then certainly the words of "anti-park" propaganda have reached your ears. Classic steamers or steamers are considered all evil, and mothers giving them to their children are often called unconscious or ignorant. There are also voices that go even further - simply saying serving sausages to children is a sign of social pathology. We all know that today most mothers raise children differently than it was 20-30 years ago. In my childhood, seeing a child in a pram eating a sausage was no wonder. Today, the same picture evokes extreme emotions. She doesn't see him at all. Why?

I decided to explore the subject, looking at the sausage suggestions up close. In one of the supermarkets I easily found the right bookcase. I chose three different proposals.

Turkey sausage morlinki

It immediately caught my attention that they have sausages positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child. However, this is not an argument that convinces me. I have in my memory an article describing Żywiec water, bearing the same logo. Water that pregnant women drank some time ago, effectively rinsing valuable minerals, and which is recommended primarily as a base for preparing soups or compotes, and not to drink it in the amount of two liters per day. In addition, there was also disgust after research conducted in Germany, which showed that Żywiec water had more bacteria than tap water and was of inferior quality (information here). Theoretically, the court banned relying on the above-mentioned studies because of the ambiguities that accompanied them, but the shadow of doubt as to whether the quality of the said water was sufficient remained.

For this reason, my lack of confidence in the recommendations of the Institute of Mother and Child can be understood. Unfortunately, my skepticism goes even further. The Institute's logo raises my concern also because it is becoming louder and louder in the so-called environment that producers, who value the great authority of state institutions, pay from several dozen to several hundred thousand zlotys for the possibility of labeling their products with the universal trust logo. Some speak directly. This advertising medicine. This is how scientists sell themselves, earning considerable money. What's the truth? Unfortunately, it is difficult to reach her. Too much for those who want to "leave everything the old way" has to lose.

However, let's return to Morlinek. The logo is again on the reverse. This time the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and the information: "Count yourself with diabetes". What does this symbol mean? The manufacturer doesn't explain.

Before considering the composition, let's focus on the price. The package contains six sausages with a total weight of 175 grams. I left PLN 4.49 at checkout. It is easy to count that a kilo of Morlinek frankfurters costs PLN 25. For comparison, we'll pay the same for half a kilo of chicken breast from an organic farm.

Let's look at the composition:
turkey meat (64%), water, pork fat, salt, glucose, trisodium citrate (E331) - stabilizer, spices, pork collagen protein, aromas, sodium ascorbate - antioxidant (E301), sodium nitrite - preservative (E249).
The following is information that the product may contain trace amounts of cereals containing gluten, soy, milk (including lactose), celery and mustard.

Energy value: 877 kJ / 211 kcal
12.6 g protein
Carbohydrates 1.2 g
17.3 g fat

Poultry Drobimex poultry chicken sausages

The packaging is definitely larger compared to the one in which there are six Morlinka sausages. This fact is also indicated by the weight: 250 grams. What does the price look like? I leave at the checkout 3.79 zlotys, which gives us almost 16 zlotys per kilo. Drobimex sausages are therefore PLN 9 cheaper per kilo than Morlinek sausages.

What does the composition tell us? Immediately under the name there is information "Finely minced, smoked sausage". It makes me wonder, but I keep reading ...

Composition: Chicken breast meat (38%), mechanically separated chicken meat (29%), pork fat, chicken skins, water, soy protein, potato starch, food salt, spice extracts, flavor enhancer E621, antioxidant E300, substance E250 preservative. The product may contain traces of mustard and gluten.

Nutritional value in 100 grams: energy 236 kcal, protein 13.1 g, carbohydrates 2.2 g, fat 19.4 g.

And what to write here? Probably just that it is fearful to open the packaging. Sausages in 1/3 consist of MSM, i.e. mechanically separated meat - ground tendons, fibers and poultry membranes. They have the same ingredient for which the manufacturer of children's dishes Gerber repeatedly had to apologize in 2011, who decided to use MOM for jar production. Gerber's translation was based on the need to give children the right consistency of meals, which was to be provided by the IMO supplement. An outbreak of scandal, and the manufacturer of children's meals Gerber refrained from adding MOM children's dishes, explaining this error from time to time to this day.

Drobimex sausages are another example of use MSM in children's products. What does it mean? Only that the product is not suitable for children. Not only because when we read what MSM is, we feel sick, but also because the child, due to the immaturity of the digestive system, has a big problem digesting MSM. The toddler has a slow digestion process, he doesn't have all the enzymes that would deal with this ingredient. In addition, for a MOM product, we can't be sure that all important proportions and nutrients are preserved.

Drobisie Drobimex sausages are closer to junk food than to full-value products. I will definitely not give them to my child! Purchased frankfurters land in the trash.

Sokolow Sokoliki

The producer already at the front of the packaging boasts a high content of poultry and veal meat at the level of 87% and a reduced fat content. Let's check it.

On the back of the packaging we have the composition: chicken meat 83%, water, calf meat 4%, potato starch, salt, proteins (animal and milk), vegetable protein hydrolyzate, natural spices (0.1%) - paprika, pepper, ginger, glucose, sugar, antioxidant: L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), spice extracts, aromas, acidity regulator, sodium acetate, preservative, sodium nitrite (E249). Allergens: milk and derivatives. The product may contain traces of soy, gluten, celery, sesame, mustard and derivatives.

Price 2.99 zlotys for 140 grams, which gives us about 21 zlotys per kilogram (to recall 25 zlotys Morlinka and 16 zlotys Drobis).

How is the declared reduced fat content? In 100 grams, frankfurters contain 179 kcal, 14.5 grams of protein, 1.1 g of carbohydrates and 13 grams of fat.

This is a good result. Sokoliki frankfurters have 6 grams less fat than Drobisiów. They are also less caloric than Morlinek and contain 4 grams less fat than them. However, there is still a lot of fat. For comparison, as much fat as Sokoliki frankfurters contain 100 grams of fries.

Sokoliki have highest meat content (87%) of all frankfurters tested. Although it is mostly poultry meat, and there is very little veal meat, the product deserves recognition. For me it is the number one among all tested products. It does not have a positive opinion of any association, nor is it marked with other emblems, it still beats the other proposals.

As a mother of a year and a half daughter, I would not be afraid of serving Sokolik sausages. Not every day, but occasionally. After all, it is a fat product and easy to replace with other products. Poultry thrown into the bin, and Morlinki - I will think about it.