JIXIN Bob the Builder with an excavator

JIXIN Bob the Builder with an excavator

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JIXIN blocks the engineering set with excavator is one of a series of stacking sets. From the technical side very durable blocks, compatible with Duplo and equally good quality. The set includes blocks for arranging the house or garage, a Bob the builder figure, a wheelbarrow, a shovel and a yellow excavator to assemble a total of 46 elements.

After turning the ON button on, the excavator begins to drive (when it encounters an obstacle, turns back), swinging sideways, moving lips and eyes to the rhythm of the music to the fairy tale Bob the Builder. The whole is powered by 3 AA batteries. A great toy not only for the small builder, but also for every boy who likes vehicles and blocks. You can arrange different compositions from the blocks, and the excavator allows you to play not only with the whole set, but also separately.

Bricks from Seri Bob Builder can be purchased in several versions with bulldozer, crane and excavator and create a real collection or play with each separately.

Price of blocks around 60-70 zlotys for one set.

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