The cheapest diapers: a shopping list for parents

The cheapest diapers: a shopping list for parents

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Every week, we collect information about the lowest prices for items for children from the largest stores in Poland. Check where you can buy the cheapest diapers, baby meals, wet wipes and accessories this time.


  • Nan 2 or Nestle 600 g milk at PoloMarket for 25.49 instead of 29.99 PLN.
  • Gerber 2 or 3 milk at Super-Pharm for PLN 13.99.
  • Bebiko milk in Carrefour for PLN 13.99
  • Gerber children's dish of various types in Kaufland for PLN 3.49 per item instead of PLN 4.09
  • Gerber children's dessert 125 grams at Carrefour for 2.55 zlotys
  • BoboVita desserts at Tesco 3 125 gram packs for PLN 6.99. In Auchan, on the other hand, we get these desserts at PLN 4.15 for 190 grams of packaging.
  • any Bobovit dinner in Rossmann at PLN 4.69 and the other 50% cheaper.
  • BoboVita rice porridge in Real for PLN 5.29.
  • Nestle milk-rice porridge at Tesco, the first for PLN 7.39 and the second for PLN 3.70.


  • Pampers Mega Pack baby diapers in Real for 77.95 zlotys (one diaper for 0.52 zlotys)
  • Pampers diapers for children 3 or 4 in Lidl for PLN 29.99.
  • Pampers Premium Care diapers at Super-Pharm for PLN 39.99 instead of PLN 49.99.
  • Pampers Sleep & Play midi diapers 58 pieces for PLN 26.99 at Tesco instead of PLN 30.95.
  • Helen Harper diapers in Carrefour for PLN 21.19
  • Babydream nappies for swimming in Rossmann at PLN 12.99.
  • Pampers wet wipes two packaging in Kaufland for PLN 9.59 instead of PLN 14.59
  • Babydream wipes 2 times 80 pieces for PLN 6.99 in Rossmann.
  • Bobini bath liquid in Rossmann at a price of 7.49 PLN for 500 ml.
  • Nivea Baby sun protection cream factor 30 in Rossmann at PLN 19.99 instead of PLN 30.99.
  • Aquafresh toothpaste and toothbrush in Lidl for PLN 9.99.

Toys and accessories

  • Children's bathrobe 100% cotton in Kaufland for 34.99 PLN (special offer while stocks last), sizes 110-152
  • Tobi garden house for children in Carrefour for 119 zlotys instead of 279 zlotys.
  • 12 "cross-country bike in Carrefour for PLN 99.99

Promotion time
Kaufland 18.07-24.07.2013
Real 18.07-24.07.2013
Tesco 18.07 - 24.07.2013
Rossmann 07.07-25.07.2013
Auchan 17-23.07.2013
Polo Market 17.07-23.07.2013
Drogeria Natura 18.07-31.07.2013
Super-Pharm 11.07-24.07.2013
Carrefour 17.07-22.07.2013
Lidl from Monday, July 15
Net 15-21.07.2013

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