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On vacation, on a walk, at school break ... Children love the lens. And although they should not be the primary source of quenching thirst, good quality juice will not hurt once a day, on the contrary it can provide portions of fruit in the child's diet.

Unfortunately, among the renowned proposals promoted on a large scale drinks "as the best for children", many contain sugar and glucose-fructose syrup, responsible for plague of obesity and many lifestyle diseases.

Fortunately, there are on the market notable exceptions, and if you believe the description on the label, Hortex Leon can be included among them.

I bought the product accidentally. Until now, we often reached for Kubuś products, unfortunately many of them contain glucose-fructose syrup, often also used in syrups and other baby products. However, hoping that it is not necessary, I decided to test another proposal. And here a pleasant surprise. A product without sugar and without glucose-fructose syrup, unnecessary preservatives and dyes was very quickly found.

Why is glucose-fructose syrup not for children?

Glucose-fructose syrup is not good for children and adults. Unfortunately, it is willingly added to many products, including for the youngest. Experts point out that regular consumption of beverages containing glucose-fructose syrup increases appetite, leads to insulin resistance, and in the near future also to type 2 diabetes.

It's not everything. This syrup increases levels of bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. As a result, there is a decrease in the body's sensitivity to leptin - one of the satiety hormones, which results in a disruption of the natural mechanisms that control our behavior. Excess leptin means that the brain does not send signals that we are full, which makes it we eat too much and too often.

Leon does not contain sugar or glucose-fructose syrup. And that's a big plus. Do you want to ask: can you? Can be…

The glucose-fructose syrup contains classic Kubuś juice, Kubuś Play, Ola Dizzy's drink (available in Lidl), as well as Paola Mini syrup for children described on the website available in Biedronka. More on this topic.


Another plus for convenient packaging in the form of a flexible bag with a screw cap, which can be put in a pocket, backpack, purse or handed to a child, without fear that pressing it will spill too much drink (as is often the case in the juice in a box with a straw).

For me a bomb. Children: both younger and older managed without a problem. My observations show that the packaging is suitable for two-year-olds.


We will pay for 200 ml less than 2 zlotys, usually around 1.30 zlotys (the price varies considerably depending on the place of shopping). For comparison, Winnie Play, which, like Leon, does not contain dyes and artificial additives, but contains glucose-fructose syrup, acting as a sweetener, costs about PLN 2 for 400 ml. Prices are comparable (Leon falls slightly more expensive), but the composition of the Hortex proposals is much better. It convinces me. That is why I choose the Hortex product.


Marketers have tried: on the reverse you will find information that puree juice is in the composition 11 grapes, half apple and half banana.

The product was made from concentrated juices and purees. It is pasteurized, without the addition of sugars. Contains: grape juice (40%), apple juice (35%), banana puree (25%). The composition also contains "antioxidant, ascorbic acid", or vitamin C. End. Simple composition and ... fits in a few lines, and this is the most important thing.

Are there better options?

For sure ... Of course, it's best to make a compote or juice for a toddler yourself, but let's face it, we don't always have the time and desire. Then you can reach for "cash". This product is worth recommending!

How does it taste? My children are happy ... I have no objections to taste. However, this is known to be a matter of taste.

Have you tried this product? What is your opinion?


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