Do you want to give birth to a boy? Eat a rich breakfast!

Do you want to give birth to a boy? Eat a rich breakfast!

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First there was the theory suggesting that sexual position allows you to choose the sex of the child. It was believed that making love in a missionary way bred a daughter and a boy from behind.

Then the theory was made that the sex of a child depends on the time of intercourse. Dr. Landrum Shettles suggested that by making love as close to ovulation as possible, we would conceive a boy and a girl a few days before ovulation. This theory was based on the belief that Y chromosomes are faster than sperm carrying X genetic material (girl). That's why boys win at speed, girls endurance.

Recent weeks have outclassed the above theories and have brought further insights. Scientists have established that there is no relationship between the sex of the child and the time of intercourse. The key to understanding the phenomenon of the birth of children of a particular sex is to be the mother's diet.

Whether the girl is born or the boy decides the menu of the future mother. Especially if we consider the size of the breakfast. A hearty first meal favors the birth of a boy. Why? Because a male fetus needs more nutritious glucose than a growing girl. This is why definitely fewer boys than girls were to be born during hunger.

To further increase your chances of giving birth to your dream daughter or son, all you have to do is support your attempts through a simple sperm centrifugation procedure or more complex techniques to isolate sperm of a particular type. Due to the fact that the spermatozoa with Y are lighter, they can easily be separated from the heavier spermatozoa with X. The next step is the artificial introduction of sperm into the woman's genital tract. This method cannot be used in a more natural way. Interference with nature is considerable. Well, unless you stop at a diet that gives you only a few percent increase in chances of having a child of a given sex.