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Houdini Stop buckle

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Houdini Stop buckle is a product that has recently been available on the Polish market, distributed by one of the stores with products for children and parents. On the website of the distributor we can read that the buckle magically blocks from escaping from the seat, prevents the child from getting out of the car, feeding chair or pram. So much in theory. In practice, the product is completely unnecessary, and fitting it in child seats available on the European market in the correct way is simply impossible.

Gadget not for Polish parents

Buckles permanently mounted by car seat manufacturers are a very popular solution on the US market, where they operate under the term "Harness retainer clip". "European manufacturers or those producing for this market are focusing on developing harness belt protectors. This means that this type of buckle cannot be used in a "European" car seat - explains Paulina Zielińska from thechairik - Because correctly that the said product fulfills its functions, the buckle should be at the height of the child's bridge. European car seats have extended protectors, which means that there is no more space for the buckle. This solution works great in American models, where the protectors are smaller. It should be emphasized, of course, that these are only buckles that are an original, integral part of the seat. Extensive protectors are just as good and ensure safety. "

The idea is good, but ...

The correct installation of the car seat and removing the seat belts is the basis that determines the safety of travel. It guarantees the correct positioning of safety belts just before the collision.

The "harness retainer clip" offered on the market are not designed to "prevent escape". It is a solution that has completely different functions.

Therefore, promoting the Houdini Stop Buckle as a solution that allows you to escape from the car seat is already a false assumption. The more so that with proper removal of the belts, younger children are not able to get out of the seat, while in the case of older ones the mentioned buckle is not an obstacle, which is proved by the video material promoting the product. We observe on it that the child easily unbuttons the button at the bottom, hence the use of additional locks is pointless. Just carefully analyze the promotional material that the manufacturer has prepared for parents to quickly find out that the buckle is not only an unnecessary expense, but a product whose use is pointless.

The clip itself, if it is equipment designed by the manufacturer and intended for use in a given car seat, is very good. Unfortunately, the buckle in question is not a device designed by the manufacturer of any of the car seats, so it is not adapted to any particular model.

Why putty

  • The product does not fit into any car seat with European approval, which is available on the Polish market. Will not fit with harness protectors. It cannot be installed correctly with extended protectors.
  • Installing such a buckle by the parent himself to his model of the seat will cause that the protectors will not be able to fulfill their function and the child will not be more secure. "The level of protection will even decrease" - explains Paulina Zielińska.
  • The function of the buckle and extended protectors is not about "preventing escape". Products of this type are designed to ensure the correct positioning of straps and to protect the neck against abrasions. This solution is very good, provided that it is used as the original extended functionality of the seat.
  • Advertising material promoting the Houdini Stop buckle is not true. The car seat presented in the movie does not have any protectors, so it is not a car seat that we can buy in Polish stores.
  • "It's better not to experiment and stick to the seat manufacturer's guidelines. Any alterations on your own, novelties and gadgets only seemingly help. - adds Paulina Zielińska. "

Houdini Stop is unnecessary. It is not worth investing in it. The 45 zlotys that you have to spend on a buckle are better spent on something else.

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