Hyperactivity? There is a new way: coffee!

Hyperactivity? There is a new way: coffee!

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Scientists do not stop at trying to produce effective drugs free of side effects. Their recent discovery proves that caffeine contained in coffee can be effective for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which improves concentration and helps cope with the most unpleasant effects of ADHD. Researchers at the Portuguese University of Coimbra say that coffee therapy is an alternative to the previously used drugs with methylphenidate. Portuguese researchers have studied the effects of caffeine on hyperactivity for five years. They found that delivering three cups of espresso coffee each day covers the attention deficit and has a positive effect on activity.

The results of the research are to form the basis for the creation of caffeine drugs that will reduce the problem of ADHD while minimizing the risk of side effects: including without the use of substances that cause addiction. This is excellent news for around 7% of European children who suffer from ADHD.